Please note the chart and table numbering displayed here follows that of Irish Voters Decide as published in 1995.  Sources for all data used in the charts and tables are provided at the links below:

  • Figure 7.1: Party support and age
  • Figure 7.2: Party support and education
  • Figure 7.3: Party support and area of residence
  • Figure 7.4: Party support and church atttendance, 1973-92
  • Table 7.1: Voters’ perceptions of most important voting criterion
  • Table 7.2: Fianna Fáil lead/deficit vis-à-vis Fine Gael in preference for Taoiseach
  • Table 7.3: Preference for Taoiseach (choice of four ‘candidates’) by occupational class, 1992
  • Table 7.4: Perception of most important issue in elections
  • Table 7.5: Fianna Fáil’s lead/deficit (vis-à-vis all other parties combined) in assessment of relative competence of parties on issues 1977-89
  • Table 7.6: Voting intention by occupational class
  • Table 7.7: Voting intention by occupational class (revised measure), 1992