Please note the chart and table numbering displayed here follows that of Irish Voters Decide as published in 1995.  Sources for all data used in the charts and tables are provided at the links below:

  • Table 6.1: Consistency of party support
  • Table 6.2: Respondent’s vote by father’s vote: 1969 and 1990
  • Table 6.3: Party identification
  • Table 6.4: Certainty of voting intention (general election) abd reported vote in 1989 European Parliament election by voter type (attached/unattached)
  • Table 6.5: Attachment to party by party support, 1989
  • Table 6.6: Perception of party differences in the Republic of Ireland and Great Britain, 1963-76
  • Table 6.7: Party with best policy on divorce and contraception by confessionalism/non-confessionalism